Tuesday, May 26, 2009

rock and hoe

well Monday was a fairly productive day me and my crew began hoeing some of the first trans plants and salad plantings. work on the shed project has be gun to move forward Dad, Rodney, and Mr. Fischer worked on putting the water line in to my new building and trailer house. Tuesday it has rained so it was a great day to work on paper work!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

welcome to tomato land

we {mom, Matt and me} have been very busy today we finished transplanting the cole crops that were in my green house and started working on planting tomatoes and still have a few to plant yet next on the list lots of hand hoeing :) mainly posting again to day because I have a bunch of new pictures.

Playing in the dirt.

This week has been very busy since it has dried out enough to do some Field work.  Monday my mom me and Matt Havel transplanted a bunch of cole crop transplants, and I direct seeded my weekly lettuce planting, spinach, head lettuce, and radishes.  Tuesday Matt and I transplanted some squash and cucumber plants that I started the end of march. Wednesday Matt Cultivated potatoes and I rotovated/tilled under some cover crop in the evening my dad helped me plant my corn. to day Thursday hopefully it isn't so windy that way we can finish transplanting the cole crops and start looking at the tomatoes. other wise lots of hoeing to be done! I have some other cool pictures that I will put up when I bring my camera back inside.

Friday, May 15, 2009

still moving along in the wet weather

This week seems to be following that has been happening the past few weeks dry for the first few days of the week and wet the rest. granted the moisture is welcomed but it would be nice to have a week of dry weather so I can do a bunch of planting on a brighter note I was able to plant some green beans, peas and transplant some broccoli cabbage and Brussels sprouts.  I also had some carrots beets parsnips and chard that have emerged from the ground.   my first salad planing are becoming more noticeable in the Field as they grow hopefully in 2 or 3 weeks I will be able to begin harvesting salad and radishes.  When we get our drier period next week lots of cultivating to accomplish! "excellently exciting for sure" 

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Buring the mid night oil or at least trying to.

It has been another Busy weekend For me.  on Thursday My dad and I spread out my compost piles where I will be planting corn this spring.  on Friday I tilled in the manure that we had hauled the day before.  Saturday I went to Farmers market and sold some more potatoes and then I went to Annies Gardens and Green.  She had a open house at her shop that was alot of fun.  Sunday I spent time with My mom being it was mothers day. in the evening I went out and did a little bit of tillage worked about 20 acres up till I got to the wetter part of the Field then I ended up stopping got about half way done with the Field.  didn't feel I did to bad for starting at 8 in the evening and going till about 10.  it was lots of fun got to try out dads new GPS guidance system not quite sure what to think about it but it did make it a little easier when turning around.  Looks like I will get a short break in the weather to get my planting in for the week, looks like it might be a Little wetter the end of this week so hopefully I and my crew will get some plants transplanted and I will be able to do some seeding on Tuesday. Ill keep ya all posted on how it goes.  these are some shots from last fall but I thought they where fitting.  

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


super C ready to Go

Field after we transplanted Saturday

On Monday I was busy planting I planted some chard a bunch of beets and carrots.  I also planted my weekly salad and a bed of head lettuce.  I am very glad that I got what I did planted because we have been blessed with more RAIN.  that's alright it gives me a chance to some book work and get equipment ready to go.  currently I am working on putting a cultivator on my M so that I can cultivate my potatoes.  once it drys out lots of cultivating to be done.  I will get to try out my 4 row cultivator on my super C and see how close to having it set correctly, hopefully I wont have to adjust it to much

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fine weather for ducks with a sunny ending

plants before we planted Saturday Rodney driving the transplater

It Has been another busy week on my farm.  It started off with being rainy and not able to do much in the Fields but there where still plenty of things to do.  This past week I worked on equipment. I changed my recently acquired transplanter "aka My birthday present to my self haha, it arrived at our farm the day before my birthday." to 34" row centers so it matched up with how I have every thing else set. the next day I brought my super C home and put a cultivator on it so that I can cultivate my salad Ill put more pictures of that up on here once I start doing that.  then it was barely dry enough to squeak in this weeks salad planting, I got it in quick because I wasn't sure if we where going to be getting more rain like they where talking about, luckily it just sprinkled a little.  Friday  we staked out where my new Packing shed and machine shed is going to be built then I roto tilled so that we could transplant on Saturday.  for the first run with my new transplanter I feel we did well we planted about 7500 transplants in the afternoon, lots of mini red onions, spring raab, Kohlrabi, and head lettuce.  Thank you Rodney and Ryan Crain for helping. I almost for got to mention that I went to Farmers market today and sold a few potatoes that I have stored over winter, it was great to be back at farmers market to see all of my friends down there.  stay tuned for more excitement @ G It's Fresh.

my Cultivator tractor before I put all sorts of cultivator parts on it.