Saturday, June 27, 2009

never a dull moment

rain or shine there is always something to do on a vegetable farm, or I guess any farm for that matter. this past week has been filled with more weed pulling, planting winter squash, planting water melon more lettuce, summer squash and cucumbers.  we also harvested lots of greens and Kohlrabi about 60 pounds this week.  Friday evening I cultivated my Field corn 2nd pass. every thing is looking excellent hopefully I will be able to harvest some Broccoli  and some shell peas next week I also plan to start harvesting some potatoes for farmers market :)  

Friday, June 19, 2009

Whole Lota weeds

this week has been filled with lots of weed pulling and some lettuce harvesting.  it has been raining a lot this week so planting has come to a stand still for the moment. hopefully next week I will be able to get back on track.  when I am able to get back in the Field with the tractor I will be planting my fall storage crops: carrots, beets and some winter squash.  I will also be doing a bunch of cultivating and hopefully rotary hoe my soybeans.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Lotz of plants

Thought every one might like to see how all my plants where looking from top left tomatoes in the right of the picture and lots of peppers, top right my potato field, bottom left my corm Field bottom right my potatoes Field with lots of winter radish that came up this spring and are flowering.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

zoom Zoom zoom

This week has been extreamly busy and productive. last saturday afternoon I rotory hoed my corn. On monday I went to get a tractor and transplanter from windridge while Matt Havel roto tilled where we where going to be planting tomatos that afternoon. In the afternoon we planted the last of my tomatoes, about 1000 while steven was working up the some ground to plant my soybeans. in the evening I went to a GROWN Locally meeting. My father started planting my soybeans at about 8 that evening and when I got back from my meeting at 10 I went and got some more soybean seed.  Istarted planting at about 11 and finished around 2 that morning, we where concerned that it was going to rain that is why we pushed so hard to get it planted.  The next day it was still dry so Matt and his brother Michal helpled me plant about 2100 pepper plants a bunch of eggplant and some celery.  after we finished planting I did some cultivating in some of my cole crop transplantings while they started hand hoeing. then I roto tilled betweent the rows of my first planting of tomatos. on wensday the Havel brothers and I hand hoed in the feild where I had culivated tuesday. thursday Mike hand hoed between the tomatoes where I had roto tilled while Matt roto tilled where we where going to be planting sweet potatos that afternoon and I planted my weekly salad planting.  at two in the afternoon we started planting my acre of sweet potatos with the transplanter I had rented from widridge imp.  we finished about six hours later.  friday the havel's finsihed checking to make sure all the sweet potatos made it in the ground.  then they fished hoeing the feild that we had started on earlier in the week.  then they harvested some radishes for me to take to market.  Well done Matt and Mike!!!  now we will  doing lots of weeding starting to stake the tomatos possibly start harvesting lettuce  and construction on my packing shed is slated to begin this week.  O  and the things we planted in the green hous about a week ago are up and looking good!