Friday, December 10, 2010


The 2010 growing season has ending, but of course there are still winter projects! The greenhouse is completed, and the high tunnel is currently under construction. Those pictures will be posted when it is complete. The pictures didn't want to cooperate, and I tried several different times to get them in order, but this is the last attempt. 
The completed frame!
Working on the rafters. Matt in the yellow made the comment
"I didn't know case made jungle gyms!" This picture proves his statement. 

Matt attaching the rafters together

Glen working on the baseboards

"Hum..where does this all go?"

Glen and Al squaring up the building

Down below: These are pictures of the awesome volunteers that came out to help put on the roof and wiggle-wire. These two tasks went fast and smoother than expected. Glen's dad helped out a lot with these projects!

Inside the greenhouse again. View towards the back.
finally completed! Finished December 8th, 2010

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Monday, May 31, 2010

Radish season

during the month of May, I have been busy direct seeding with my super C and transplanting with Beth and Matt. I have also been doing a lot of cultivating.  Beth, Matt my mom and I have been also busy harvesting and bunching radishes to Organic valley. On June 2 we will be harvesting 50 to 75 cases of spinach for organic valley. The following we will be adding head lettuce to the mix

Saturday, May 1, 2010

off to a running start!

it has been crazy busy around the farm, lots of roto tilling seeding and transplanting.  I have also been busy getting my Packing shed ready for the season and attending meetings this past month.  My new Cooler is almost finished all that is left is to have the refrigeration guy out to do his part of the job.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

happenings @ G It's Fresh

inter seeding

this past week we have finished digging parsnips, planted radishes, spinach, and chard. I also inter seeded some alfalfa and grass into my tricale that I planted last fall. Beth helped me plant some russet potatoes Monday before it started to rain. on Monday I also went to harmony MN to check on my plants that I am having custom grown.
Beth Making sure everything is working the way it is suppose to while planting
Jon's potato planter

Saturday, March 20, 2010

some picture of what I have been up to this winter

This winter I did some traveling, went to New Jersey to look at a potato digger with my friends in January. on our way back from NJ we stopped at the Indianapolis motor speed way and checked out the race way museum. that was neat! a couple weeks after we had been out to look at the digger I had it hauled back to Iowa. That was quite the trip as well. On the way out the they hauled some steel wheels for a Mennonite and some feed. on the way back we picked up my digger, and made various stops along the way and picked up some pieces for a steam engine along the way back. on our way back we were about 15 miles form Gettysburg so we stopped. since the last time that I had been there they have put up a new visitor center a highlight from there was a painting of the battle field that they painted in a dome then the shined different lights on it which brought it to life! I recommend checking it out. I also pit up a picture from the end of the potato harvest with 3 wagon loads of spuds, and my friend John harvesting my corn. the shed in the picture is the the one that we built last fall with tin on it. spring has sprung more pictures to follow soon!