Monday, March 21, 2011

greenhouse plants

Peppers are up. A whole row of tables are full of peppers. Anyone need peppers when they arrive? 

Broccoli seed was planted Thursday and started poking it's leaves out today (Monday) Much more broccoli to be planted throughout the season

 Peppers starting to take off.
Celery is looking good. Hope it decides to grow this year.
 On the right are onions that are up strong. Center are flats of leaf lettuce that will be ready to be cut soon. The orange tubes that are hanging down are tubes for radiant heat on the tables.
 Green leaf lettuce closer up
Romaine lettuce. That sounds good for lunch tomorrow!

 Looks like transplanting the fennel will go much more smoothly this year.

 The onions before their haircut.

The onions after their haircut.

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